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KOKKO SHOKUDO is near Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Our restaurant is in Bise hukugi tree street.

Please come and enjoy special Okinawan Foods.

Opening Hours

Open at 11:00 

Last order at 16:00 

close Wednesday

★If you come in by 16:00, you can have a meal

●We will be temporarily closed on Monday, April 8.

●We will be open on April 10th (Wednesday) without a break.


Jidori-Ogon-Soba (Okinawa Soba) ¥950

Okinawa Soba topped with garlic-flavored chicken and fluffy egg.

It contains a patented collagen soup.

Jidori Keihan ¥1150

Jidori Keihan is the Ryukyu dynasty Imperial Court cuisine.

It contains various ingredients such as garlic-flavored chicken,

eggs and vegetables on rice, and pour the chicken soup over it.


●Jasmine flavored Japanese tea   200

●Shikuwasajuice (Okinawan citrus juice)  200

●cola 200

●canned beer 400

●alcohol-free canned beer 300

●Awamori 500

Payment can be made in cash or PayPay.

Various QR codes are available.You can use Alipay, Kakao Pay and HIVEX.

Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.

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